Say No to Drugs is a smartphone application that is specifically designed for Drug Psycho-education amongst a University population.

This app has the following features:

1. Information About Common drugs of abuse in Singapore
2. Videos about drugs of abuse and experiences
3. FAQs to address common myths about drug usage
4. Mood tracker and a journal function for students to log down their mood and triggers for them to use drugs
5. Map Functionality – we have programmed in several major hospitals worldwide.
When students are within 20kilometers of the hospital, they will receive a notification telling them where help is available. We have included hospitals in Asia, Europe, and North America for now.
The map feature has direct access to contacts, so that they could call or message for help in crisis
6. About us Page with disclaimer
7. App Feedback Survey
The conceptualisation of this application is by:
(c) 2016 Melvyn WB Zhang & Roger CM Ho
Together with Professor Bernard Tan (Vice Provost, National University of Singapore)
In collaboration with CNB Singapore and the National Addictions Management Service, Institute of Mental Health